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Blogger’s block

I’ve been dealing with blogger’s block. We’ve been here long enough that I begin to think that life here and life elsewhere is the same. It’s true we do the same things: work, take care of kids, shop, cook, play, … Continue reading

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Fixing stuff: China edition

The day started going downhill. I blame lack of coffee first thing in the morning. The “want to be healthy” side of me cringes at those words, but it was the truth. Kevin wanted tea; I also opted for tea. … Continue reading

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Spring post

Kai keeps counting down the days to spring. I think he’s imagining instant short sleeves and sandals. Not so, sweetheart! I remember one ‘first day of spring’, I was maybe 7 or 8. I dressed in short sleeves and my … Continue reading

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Neighborhood happenings

> Something exciting is happening on our street today. Not sure exactly what, but the bread/flour lady near the market said a leader (gov’t) was coming through. It is all cleared out! The food vendors on the street were cleared … Continue reading

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May days

>We’ve been in Pennsylvania almost three weeks. Time is moving by faster than I’d like. We are LOVING being here. List of things we’ve done so far that we haven’t done in China: see our family everyday(!!), play with cousins, … Continue reading

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March/April update

>Written about a week ago…I’ve decided to forget posting pics on this blog. If you want to see pics visit our family blog at Oh my! Where do I start? March’s activities: house hunting, moving, visitors, writing newsletter, ending … Continue reading

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> I had to look. It’s been since Dec 15 since I last wrote!! Eeek! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year! Happy Chinese New Year! And now almost Happy Valentine’s Day! So many times that I’ve though, “I should blog about … Continue reading

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>I have about a million things I could post, but it’ll all have to wait. In case you are not on our mailing list here’s a letter I just wrote. Hello from rainy Xi’an! It’s raining gently outside. The sound … Continue reading

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33 here we come!

>We’ve been sick the past several days. Coughs, colds, fevers, affecting all of us in one way or another. Nothing major, but tiring. You know how it goes. A birthday supper was thrown together because neither Kev or I had … Continue reading

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Been awhile

>When I started this blog I resolved to write only when I felt I had something important and encouraging to say. Thus, the lack of a recent post. We’ve been busy! I’ll make a list like Candace does. 1. Kian’s … Continue reading

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