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I’ve been delighting in our children lately… Kai’s morphing into a regular Chinese student. You should hear his very local accent! “Mom, that not’s not how you say it!” And “Mom, how do they know we’re not Chinese?” Makes me … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye

I remember our first two weeks in China. It was fall ’08 and Kai was 2 1/2. “Mommy, can we go out and make new friends today?” Either he’d heard me say it before, or it was his little way … Continue reading

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Spring post

Kai keeps counting down the days to spring. I think he’s imagining instant short sleeves and sandals. Not so, sweetheart! I remember one ‘first day of spring’, I was maybe 7 or 8. I dressed in short sleeves and my … Continue reading

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May days

>We’ve been in Pennsylvania almost three weeks. Time is moving by faster than I’d like. We are LOVING being here. List of things we’ve done so far that we haven’t done in China: see our family everyday(!!), play with cousins, … Continue reading

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Never heard of it, going "home", and Expo 2011

> I noticed a week ago Malia while sleeping was working hard to breathe. But symptoms didn’t make sense: her cough/runny nose not bad, she had an even rash over her body that came and went; not scratchy or irritating in any … Continue reading

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> I had to look. It’s been since Dec 15 since I last wrote!! Eeek! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year! Happy Chinese New Year! And now almost Happy Valentine’s Day! So many times that I’ve though, “I should blog about … Continue reading

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Rain and fingerpainting

>It rained today. I’m one of those who actually likes the rain. I don’t mind getting wet as long as I’m not on my way anywhere important. Here in China we frequently have man-made rain. I know, what? There’s something … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day

>As it happens I can’t just do one picture of the day so here are 3 or 4 pictures of the day. Malia playing with wooden dress up doll from Auntie Kendra. It’s been on our shelf for months and … Continue reading

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Kian turns One

>This is a test. If it works I’m switchin’ blog sites. Kristin

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Kian first birthday video

>Here is a Video test:

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