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I had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure I had the right word. ex·pec·tan·cy \-tən(t)-sē\ noun 1 a : the act, action, or state of expecting Example: that feeling of optimistic expectancy that fills theatergoers as they wait for the curtain to rise I took this picture with my phone. Quality is horrible, I know. (Please don’t … Continue reading

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Evening/Morning Thoughts (depends which side of globe you’re on)

>There’s a bug going around this house. None of us are deathly sick, but there’s been lots of grumpiness and even more lack of energy. We’re not sick enough to stay home, but struggling to do anything else; you know … Continue reading

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Our hope, the promise fulfilled

>Several things have been floating around in my head recently. 1) I choose to be part of the family because…well, honestly…I don’t want to die. “My hope of glory.” 2) Things work out so much better when I let him … Continue reading

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