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I had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure I had the right word. ex·pec·tan·cy \-tən(t)-sē\ noun 1 a : the act, action, or state of expecting Example: that feeling of optimistic expectancy that fills theatergoers as they wait for the curtain to rise I took this picture with my phone. Quality is horrible, I know. (Please don’t … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

This post is not very deep or insightful. Just sort of chatty. In the past three years we’ve made big holidays (Western & Chinese) occasions to celebrate with our friends. For most of the friends, celebrating Christmas isn’t very important, … Continue reading

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Qing jia-ing 请假

>I’m taking some time off from school. Yups! We have three weeks off beginning in a week, but I have decided it would be good to take off beginning today (Big, big cheesy smile). I’ve been feeling for the last … Continue reading

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