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News articles

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve recently run across two articles in the news that mention hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Yeah, the spell checker doesn’t get it. Anyway, my Dad was diagnosed with HCM a year and a half ago and had open … Continue reading

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Grandparents and heart

>This summer has been so, so busy! There is no possible way to sum it up. I’ve waited too long in between posts. When we return to China and we process events from our time “home” maybe I’ll post. I’m … Continue reading

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Never heard of it, going "home", and Expo 2011

> I noticed a week ago Malia while sleeping was working hard to breathe. But symptoms didn’t make sense: her cough/runny nose not bad, she had an even rash over her body that came and went; not scratchy or irritating in any … Continue reading

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