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It’s been three and a half years; Hello, 2017!

That just downright embarrassing. I even forgot I had a blog. Life of an expat mom. Wow! Is anyone out there? Is it worth resurrecting? It is now 2017 and I wonder if people still read blogs. I have lots … Continue reading

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It’s been ages since I’ve posted on here. Speaking of age… Last night I was at the 40th birthday party of a fellow mom-friend, also American. The friend who planned the dinner party had been planning for months. It was … Continue reading

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Examples of living sacrifices

I’ve been blessed with friends. I recently went to a ladies’ weekend in another city were I met up with some of my “old” China friends; “old friends” meaning we met four years. (Note: This does not mean I never … Continue reading

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We are on the home stretch. Kevin will be home this week. These shorter trips are long enough to miss him terribly, but not long enough to get into a regular routine. I feel we’ve been hanging in limbo waiting … Continue reading

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I had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure I had the right word. ex·pec·tan·cy \-tən(t)-sē\ noun 1 a : the act, action, or state of expecting Example: that feeling of optimistic expectancy that fills theatergoers as they wait for the curtain to rise I took this picture with my phone. Quality is horrible, I know. (Please don’t … Continue reading

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I’ve been delighting in our children lately… Kai’s morphing into a regular Chinese student. You should hear his very local accent! “Mom, that not’s not how you say it!” And “Mom, how do they know we’re not Chinese?” Makes me … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye

I remember our first two weeks in China. It was fall ’08 and Kai was 2 1/2. “Mommy, can we go out and make new friends today?” Either he’d heard me say it before, or it was his little way … Continue reading

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Blogger’s block

I’ve been dealing with blogger’s block. We’ve been here long enough that I begin to think that life here and life elsewhere is the same. It’s true we do the same things: work, take care of kids, shop, cook, play, … Continue reading

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Fixing stuff: China edition

The day started going downhill. I blame lack of coffee first thing in the morning. The “want to be healthy” side of me cringes at those words, but it was the truth. Kevin wanted tea; I also opted for tea. … Continue reading

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Spring post

Kai keeps counting down the days to spring. I think he’s imagining instant short sleeves and sandals. Not so, sweetheart! I remember one ‘first day of spring’, I was maybe 7 or 8. I dressed in short sleeves and my … Continue reading

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