Blogger’s block

I’ve been dealing with blogger’s block. We’ve been here long enough that I begin to think that life here and life elsewhere is the same. It’s true we do the same things: work, take care of kids, shop, cook, play, relax, go to parks, etc. All it takes to see the difference are a few moments of “perspective”.

Perspective 1: I just glanced out the window and saw Huge Yellow Construction Crane #2 gliding past my window. Most of you probably don’t see that every day. It has been fascinating to see from our 7th floor view how China is built. You, on the other hand, are probably tired of pictures of construction sites and cranes. Sorry, it’s the view we have for now and will most likely have it for a while yet.

Perspective 2: The place Kevin and I met has celebrated their 60th anniversary. A friend (on Facebook) posted pictures of the event. I knew many of the faces; even related to a few of them. I understand the deep meaning, significance, and the history represented by those pictures. A history of faithfulness and truth; trials and heartbreak as well. Though many people in that community understand cross-cultural living we live in a very different world than the life portrayed in that album. A sub-perspective to this perspective, just a few years ago we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of this nation. Two completely different worlds and philosophies colliding; just the thought blows my mind!!

Perspective 3: We attended a Korean 1st birthday party last week. Not something we did on a regular basis (ever) while still in the US. We daily interact with more cultures than just Chinese and our own.

Perspective 4: Sunday afternoon we had lunch with our Latin friends. The menu was Muslim-made pulled noodles with pieces of beef and cooked in broth with cilantro and green onion. Yummm! During lunch we were discussing where to hang a piñata for their son’s first birthday party. Noodles and a piñata for me represent two different worlds intersecting on a dusty street in China.

So, there’s more material than I realize. Are there any questions you have about China that I could answer in a future blog post?

I’m gonna do it! Gonna break through that blogger’s block!!

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One Response to Blogger’s block

  1. Judi Kauffman says:

    Your introspective perspectives are very interesting!! I always enjoy reading all your blogs.They always make me notice how very much ‘ahead’ you are in life than where I was at your age. You are amazing!