Fixing stuff: China edition

The day started going downhill. I blame lack of coffee first thing in the morning. The “want to be healthy” side of me cringes at those words, but it was the truth. Kevin wanted tea; I also opted for tea. I was feeling overwhelmed up to the frizzy hairs on top of my head then decided, this was NOT going to work. Made myself a French press pot of coffee. Took my favorite purple mug off the rack and while waiting for the milk to warm up decided the attitude needed to change. (Sounds much more innocent when written like this. Anyway…)

Mid-morning, after the above said purple mug of coffee was half gone,
and Kian made it to the bathroom for his third runny poo of the morning (too much fruit),
and the bowtie noodles were boiling in the kitchen for mac and cheese,
and someone else was yelling for me,
AND M-girl was running around naked,
the doorbell rang.
It was the kichen cabinet fix it man. (We’ll refer to him as FIM 1.) Thank goodness!! Not perfect timing, but my dishes have been sitting on the kitchen counter for the past month waiting for the landlord to get a FIM here to fix the cabinets. (We have a good landlord. I am not complaining!)

How do fix-it appointments work in other places? Here’s how it works here. FIM 1 came in empty-handed and looked at the cabinets…hmmm…then asked me for a measuring tape. He wanted to make sure he had the right tray size before hauling up the boxes. He left and came back with the new trays; a lit cigarette in his mouth. In the meantime I moved the boiling bowties from the stove to the hotplate so we can continue with lunch plans.

Things 1, 2 and 3 eating the mac and cheese. Classic!
2012-4-17 iPhone 128

Following order of events:
-I ask FIM 1 politely to put out his cigarette. There are children, you know. He does so, politely.
-I ask him if the new cabinets are better quality. Yes, of course. I think that’s what he said. My local dialect is not so good and his Standard Mandarin was forgotten for the day.
-FIM 1 asks me for pliers. Which I didn’t know the word for but got the hand motions.
-He asks me for a rag to clean out the bottom of the cabinet.
-He asks me for a screwdriver. Why am I providing the tools again?
-He shows me where we’ll need to get another screwdriver and tighten what he put in, because he didn’t have the right tool or the right angle to make it tight.
-FIM 1 does not have the right change and gives me a 10 kuai ($1.59) discount.

I’m happy with the fix. Here’s the old ones:
2012-4-17 iPhone 127

New top drawer cabinet:
2012-4-19 iPhone 001

And another to displaying the bottom drawer and the leftover Chinese food made by our house helper. Yumm! It was still sitting out at 9 at night and I kept going in and picking at it. (Don’t tell my ‘All Things Healthy’ group…oh, HI, Sarah!!)
2012-4-19 iPhone 002

Same day I made a phone call to the purifier supply store. Can you bring us two new inside things (filters) for 1201 Yadu air purifier? Oh the price has gone up? Not surprising. Everything is going up. Oh, you can come this afternoon? Fantastic!! Oh and while you’re here can this humidifier that I totally fried be salvaged? It can? Oh, stupendous! OK, sure, and in our spare time we’ll look through our mountain of receipts for the original receipt because that will save us $10 on a service call. Thank you!

The filter fix-it man (FIM 2) came same day and switched out the filters for us. FIM 3 came the next day with filters for the other filter. Yes, confusing, I know, but all very convenient.

For pictures of the purifiers see our family blog

Today I got a call from FIM 4 asking if we wanted the humidifier fixed. He was on his way. I had not looked for the receipt. I had not called to remind them. He called and offered. Must have been a slow day. And it was all for free because we haven’t had it a year. Gotta love the service!

Recap of what has been fixed this week?
-Kitchen cabinets
-New filters in all purifiers
-Humidifier (that I fried)

Stay tuned for…Window washing: China edition

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3 Responses to Fixing stuff: China edition

  1. Carla Whipple says:

    Kristin, I always love reading your blog and I’m glad you’re back at it!

  2. I sat here and chortled merrily for a little while at this phrase: “(Sounds much more innocent when written like this. Anyway…)”…heh heheh. Know just what you mean. Well, all in all sounds like a satisfying end result, with all those things fixed. How nice!

  3. Judi Kauffman says:

    I love to read your blogs! And see fun pictures of the grandkids…Blessings always.