Spring post

Kai keeps counting down the days to spring. I think he’s imagining instant short sleeves and sandals. Not so, sweetheart! I remember one ‘first day of spring’, I was maybe 7 or 8. I dressed in short sleeves and my favorite jean skirt and went out in the driveway to shoot some hoops. After about 5 minutes, refusing the whole time to admit I was cold, I heard Mom knocking on the window. “What are you doing? Come in!!”

It’s springtime and my blog needs a thawing out. It was frozen on New Year’s; not even Chinese New Year, for goodness sake. Eeek! I’ll just admit it; my desire to write is a little cold. I do want this blog to be inspirational and encouraging, but am facing a writer’s block of ice. Time to get out the ice pick.

Things in our household continue with non-stop activity. Non-stop!! This semester feels like a reset for us. A time to be at home with the kids and figure out exactly where we want to go as a family in our continual embracing of this place and culture. The kids aren’t going to preschool. I’m homeschooling Kai. We/I have several major goals for the next few months. 1) Find out if we can enroll Kai part-time in a Chinese school this fall. 2) Get potty habits under control and be completely diaper free even at night. Whew! I’ve seen so much poop and pee from our family in the past month; it’s exhausting. You really wanted to know that, didn’t you? 3) I’m on a kick to loose 5 more kilos this spring. It’s hard work and I’d prefer just not to, but must be done.

A few pics to help thaw the ice:


Yes, he’s as mischievous as he looks! But that smile brightens my day!

I posted this on our family blog, but have to post again! It makes me laugh every time I look at it! Kai’s Mr. Bean pose:

Kai Mr. Bean

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