I miss writing

>I do miss writing on my blog. I’m going to have to come up with a new plan for when to write. First, all the new pics are on Kev’s computer. Such a pain to pick what I want and…well, it’s just a process. (We do have a new, fun camera, though.) Second, usually, like now, when i think to write it’s late, I’m tired, and should be in bed. So, I should write on my blog from Kev’s computer and in the morning, right? Also the time I should be studying or working out or, oh yeah, watching the kids!!

A list of things that I’ve wanted to write, but don’t have time to write them all so you get them in a list format:

1)I have some very deep thoughts about being human with a sin nature and surrender and how the ?!? can “dad” use people like us. Just listened to a “speech” from our home club leader about people in “the book” who messed up and “dad” using their lives to bless the nations. Cool stuff. I’m encouraged.

2) I just checked on Malia and here’s the assorted list of things on her bed. 2 blankies, pooh pillow, fish pillow, 4 trains, 1 farm picture book, 2 Thomas books, 1 Big Red Barn book, a pair of slippers, a soup bowl, her sippy cup (that she told me she uses to wash her hands with in bed), and a dog book. She just doesn’t like girlie things that much. And we’ve got some really cool girlie things for her to play with. I need to invite more girls over for her to play with.

3) Two other friends and I went to Wen Yi Lu yesterday. It’s the material market here in town. Awesome!!! Awesome!!! My friend had curtains made for her 6 meter window. Picked out the material, had help figuring out how much she needed, picked a seamstress in the sewing area and for a steal has a new set of curtains in less than 2 hours. (Sarah, why am I blogging about your curtains?) I got liners made for our clothes hampers. They don’t quite look like what I pictured, but with a few minor tie adjustments will be great! I’ll post pictures next time I remember and am on Kevin’s computer.

4) I am trying to work out. There just doesn’t seem to be a good time of day to do this. I hate mornings for working out and that work out lady is just WAAAAYYYY to peppy for early morning. I’ll find a time, because I do enjoy feeling fitterish. :)

5) We’re feeling more and more settled here. But now it looks like we might be moving cities. More on that in the future. If you don’t get our newsletters or updates let me know I’ll have you added to the list. We won’t be moving until next year. And like life here will depend totally on getting a visa.

6) A bug’s been going around. Throwing up, fever, diarrhea, sinus cold, etc. Everyone is getting a different variety of it. Hope it passes soon.

7) The past several days have been stay-inside-keep-your-air-purifiers-on kind of a day. Of course, we didn’t stay in. Today it was rainy and cold. We’ve heard the temps supposed to drop this week.

8) I have a renewed vision for teaching my kids Spanish. I feel like I’m having to backtrack some, but hopefully I can keep up with it.

That was completely random. My brain is shutting down.

Missing our vineyard family tonight. Wishing we could be with you.

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