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>Kevin thinks that one main purpose of my blog should be about raising kids in a country other than your own. There’s lots of challenges and balancing to mix the home culture and the host culture. He’s probably right. Most days it feels like life is the same as before, but it isn’t and I probably don’t realize exactly how much it’s changed.

So, here’s what my kids ate today; somewhat reflects our day to day cuisine. They had (drum roll, please) instant noodles for lunch. Ramen noodles, but with much more flavor. There are two basic ways to make instant noodles I’ve learned. They can be soaked in hot water as the packet instructions indicate. Or they can be boiled. The boiled variety is much better. You can add the broth to the cooked noodles, boil an egg, some green leafy vegetables (lettuce is good), and anything else you feel will make them healthier. It really is the Chinese fast food of choice and, of course, as with most fast food the kids love them.

For supper we went out with the members of our Sunday group. It’s a restaurant that specializes in the Shaanxi version of bao zi. (Shaan xi is our province and, of course, you all remember that it’s Shaan3 xi1. As opposed to Shaan1 xi1 that is the neighboring province, right? Yup, you remembered; just what I figured.) Bao zi are Chinese steamed buns filled with a meat or vegetable mixture. The outside bread is white and soft and a little doughy. Every street has a bao zi vendor and most people eat it for bfast. If you’ve seen any pictures or been around Asian cooking you might be able to picture the round bamboo steamers that they’re steamed in. Bao zi can be found nationwide. These bao zi tonight were special because the outside dough is thinner. Very tasty and dipped in a special dipping sauce with the main ingredient being soy sauce. To be honest the kids didn’t love them. They were more thrilled about the fried rice, deep fried mantou (another type of steamed Chinese bread) dipped in sweetened condensed milk, and tu dou si (potatoes sliced very thinly and fried with vinegar and onions and garlic, very good, nothing like hash browns). I JUST realized that tu dou (potato) literally translated means ground bean. Hahaha! Love it!

During dinner tonight Kai invited all our friends to come to the beach with us and build a sandcastle. He was so sweet. “I have an idea. We can all go to the beach.” He figures out how to get what he wants even if it’s asking the waitress (without being prompted) to bring him some water. Mom and Dad were just too slow and too busy talking.

I have to admit that this whole evening of eating out was so much easier because we left Kian with a babysitter. I have to give myself a mental pep talk every time we take the whole family out, especially to a restaurant. Tonight was enjoyable even if we did have to leave poor Kian at home.

Happy new week to all of you!


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  1. Judi Kauffman says:

    >I'm lovin' your blog–and I'm so proud of you!

  2. kristinbucher says:

    >Thanks, Mom! I'm proud of you, too!