Pride goes before…a mess of pancakes

>We really had a nice Christmas party with our friends. If you’ve read our Facebook posts or the family blog we’ve mentioned it already. I was so proud of having pulled the whole thing off with minimal stress, enough food, and enough energy to get through the night. After everyone left I almost wrote a blog post telling the world what a wonderful job I did. Pat, pat the back!

The next morning I decided it would be nice to make pancakes. These weren’t just any pancakes. I had purchased Kevin’s favorite pancake mix, a Betty Crocker just add water. It happened to be in stock at our local Metro. We make pancakes a lot and it is special when the box variety is in our house. Strange, I know. Kevin had made us pancakes Christmas Eve from this box and they were yummy. So this fateful morning, I emptied the remaining mix into a bowl and decided to add milk with the water in my just add water pancake mix. Well, why not go a step further and yogurt instead of milk? Bad, bad idea! Must have been a different texture of yogurt. They were disastrous. It’s been awhile since we’ve had disastrous pancakes. I couldn’t even fry them. They kept sticking to the pan, very soft and chewy. We had to throw out the whole batch out. I’ll be the first to tell you (maybe) it IS possible to mess up “just add water” pancakes. How embarrassing!

To totally change the subject:
We’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a reason why Kai keeps having these night terrors. Research on the internet, talking to doctor friends, etc. Last week Kevin suggested maybe Kai isn’t getting enough sleep so we reinstated his afternoon naps. That did it! Every day he’s taken a nap there are no night terrors. This week there were two days while I was at school he didn’t take a nap for our nanny. Both nights he had an episode. Poor kid was just sleep deprived. Isn’t that interesting?

Happy New Year! Blessings and grace for 2010.


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2 Responses to Pride goes before…a mess of pancakes

  1. Carrie says:

    >Pat pat pat your back is RIGHT, girlfriend!!! :) You go, girl. This mommy of three youngun's is dutifully impressed. I'm so glad you could figure out the night terrors thing. What a relief!!!Happy New Year!!!

  2. justcandice says:

    >Hey Kristen- glad you got the night terror figured out. I love afternoon nap time- we're keeping them forever! Claire just rests and reads for hers. So, looking forward to talking about your plans for the trip! Skype us sometime!