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July 4th 2010, playing goalie, and learning to race

Here are a few photos from the last couple of days. Kian is learning to run/race–tough keeping up with older brother and sister still wearing a diaper. Kai is loves soccer–so we went to the school (my school) and he … Continue reading

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mountain climbing with a chinese friend

Last week, my brother and a good friend of mine decided to go to Cui Hua Shan. 翠华山。 There is a ski area near the top part of the mountain and of course this being summer we assumed it would … Continue reading

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most beautiful day

So, today turned out to be literally thee clearest day in the last 1.5 years. so I took the bike for a ride to the southeast and shot some photos of the sky and mountains. Breathing deeply. It is a … Continue reading

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mountain weekend

We had the opportunity this past weekend to take off and head north to Ping Liang. This is Gansu province for those interested. We had a great time! Some of you may remember us mentioning a while back that we … Continue reading

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Kian’s 1st Birthday party

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more on tomb sweeping

Here is another view on Tomb Sweeping Festival via CNN. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-429536?hpt=C2

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random photos from Kristin’s phone, again

mmm… seems like it has been a awhile since we posted something here. We are truly sorry. Here are some random photos again of mostly the children and how they are changing. To get you to click and look at … Continue reading

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