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inspiration and harvest (bit early)

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t inspire when you thought it would. The photo below I took this past spring on one of our ventures to the mountain areas outside the city. At the time I was just trying to capture the interesting … Continue reading

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Written by Kristin: Where to start? Zhang Xuan, our “old Ai-yi” (as Malia calls her), got married. They’ve been officially married since January, but recently had a ceremony (of sorts) with a reception in her husband’s hometown. I’ve been searching … Continue reading

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less time

Have you ever heard anyone say, at the end of their life, “I wish I had spent less time with my children” ?  I recently heard an older friend of mine already mention (in his 50′s) the regret for not spending more time with … Continue reading

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China’s national bird dance

Make sure to check out the cranes in the background as well.

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that time of year again

It is that time of year again–happens every 6 months– we spend 6 of these TO GET THREE of the FOLLOWING (boys filter) (girl filter) (parents filter) We all feel much better!! ~kevin

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My Wife. My Friend. My Example.

Ok, I have decided it is time. (Kevin writing here ) Time to write again. But not just write, but rather encourage and brag about my wife. There is no special reason, it is not her birthday, not our anniversary, … Continue reading

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Hi, friends! This is from Kristin. Signing on to add a few recent thoughts. We have lots of material that we could be and would love to share on here, but don’t. I haven’t written a newsletter in about three … Continue reading

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Hello everyone. Here is something that I shot this morning to inform many of you in how pollution is actually made in the country. This is on a very practical level. At least they take the night off from working … Continue reading

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We have been doing some crazy things lately. In Thailand recently for some sun (of the utmost necessity) and now we are getting back to the real schedule since Chinese new Year is finally winding down. I begin teaching very … Continue reading

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Humid South East Asia

Yes, we are in Bangkok.  For a couple of days.  You may think it would be sunny here, but at the moment it is not.  That is ok, since it is humid out to wahzoo.   We went to the hospital today … Continue reading

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