some NEW tradition ~ some OLD tradition

Time to post. A blog. Where did the year go? Today was Christmas and we celebrated with some NEW traditions and some OLD.

As I have mentioned to some that I have focused on the shepherds this year.
The anticipation that they must have felt.
Yet, unsure if they were dreaming or if it was reality. In seeing the manger and the humble beginning of a Messiah they were filled with incredible hope! Finally a savior!! I never wish the world to end with disasters and such (i.e. Mayan and now Chinese thought) But in one sense I am filled with anticipation of a day when all this is wiped away.
the pain.
the suffering.
the struggle.
Because on the other side, I know there is pure, perfect peace. We have a HOPE! Come back to the heart of worship. Beside the manger. See the Lord. Worship Him.
“I’m coming back to the heart of worship and it’s all about you, it’s all about you, Jesus…”

Ok, on to the traditions ~~~~

NEW tradition–specialty coffee. Made three Ethiopian Coffees. Tasted the differences then mixed them all together. Ahhh…that was good. Why Ethiopian you say? They are some that speculate that one of Wisemen came from Ethiopia. It’s a stretch but whether it is true or not, at least the coffee was delightful. Hah, maybe their names were Sidamo, Limu and Yirgacheffe…ok, now i have gone tooo far. I digress.

New Tradition–red french toast. Some simple food coloring into the egg mixture makes for a more exciting bit of french toast. No need to justify this–it’s simple. Everyone knows Red and Christmas go together. :)

Old Tradition–act out Christmas story with stuffed manager scene. While sometimes this is difficult to do given attention spans of ‘some’ of our children, it still is a tradition we keep. Since I was young my family always acted the story out through this hand made stuffed nativity. This year we even pulled it off in Chinese at another party at a local coffee shop. (Sorry, no pics of this)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Old Tradition–eat meal. Of course we had a Chinese/Western meal. Pork and DouFu.

Ok, so I confess, I was a bit proud of my jello. But after all how hard is it too make? ? Just takes patience and a fridge.

Ok, SO I know the obvious is that WE REALLY NEED TO GET EVERYONE AN UPDATED PHOTO OF THE FAMILY. Hang on. It will come. Blessings to everyone–Merry Christmas!
We love you!!
Kevin from us here at EAC.

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5 Responses to some NEW tradition ~ some OLD tradition

  1. Josh Ransom says:

    There is more of a connection to Ethiopia than the wise men. The Queen of Sheba went to visit Solomon, and the story is they had a son. The Ark of the Covenant is there, and they still celebrate a holiday that celebrates the gifts Solomon gave to his supposed son.

  2. Javier says:

    Los queremos, que pasen bien estás fiestas.

  3. Uncle Ken says:

    A tantalizing, visual e-mail of the food. Yum, yum, and what is DouFu? Looking forward to seeing the children. You shoot great pictures, Kevin. A couple of pictures with Grandma Leah coming today. thanks for sharing your day with us. Tanti auguri per tutta la famiglia di Kevin e Kristen.

    Uncle Ken

  4. Amos Stoltzfus says:

    Thanks for the update! Great to see some food photos. And looking forward to some family photos! Blessings.

  5. Rand Tucker says:

    love the red french toast idea…

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