our friends – saying goodbye

Our Honduran friends left. After a short trip through the US, they’ll soon be in Honduras again with their family and friends. Yesterday someone asked us about “our” Hondurans. We laughed, but in all honesty we’d have them back in a heartbeat. They have become very dear to us and it’s so weird to think they’re not just a phone call away. We appreciate the wisdom and gentleness they brought to our times together. They are on to good adventures, other challenges. We wish them every good and perfect gift that can come from above. We wish them a blessing of hope, perseverance, and joy. Mucho amor y abrazos, amigos!


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2 Responses to our friends – saying goodbye

  1. Beth says:

    We had a wonderful evening together last night when they were here for dinner. They are a very special team! We appreciated hearing their stories, their call, and vision. And we loved having an evening to speak that “heavenly language!”

  2. Alejandra says:

    Hey guys! I can’t believe I have not seen this post until today! Shame on me! Thank you for your words but must of all, your friendship. Love and miss you.

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