Hello to all,
Here is a quick view into a school morning. And then what it is like for us to go pick up Kai. He is truly enjoying himself and the learning. We are very proud of all of our children. They seem to be doing really well this fall. I will begin teaching in a week or two. So I am spending a bit of time preparing for class, finishing a TESOL degree online…etc..

How do we go to school from Kevin Bucher on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to school

  1. Carissa says:

    Oh my goodness!! There are way to many people at the school for me!

  2. kevin b says:

    Carissa, for the Chinese there’s really no other option. There’s lots of people in this country, which means lots of kids. But can you imagine what it’s like to deal with the parents of three hundred only-child first graders? I am trying real hard, but can’t. It has to be stressful!! :) -Kristin

  3. Lynn Adams says:

    I love getting to see glimpses of what your life is like over there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Chris Horst says:

    Great fun. I love his nonchalant attitude about the whole thing. I got this, Mom! I’m good.

  5. N&W says:

    tooo cool. Love the vid. You’re setting the “correspondence with people back home” bar high. Miss you guys!

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