inspiration and harvest (bit early)

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t inspire when you thought it would. The photo below I took this past spring on one of our ventures to the mountain areas outside the city. At the time I was just trying to capture the interesting moment of drying corn that had been harvested the previous fall.


However, the photo sits on my hard drive and life goes on. As I saw it again today I was reminded of the harvest. Who are we to say when the harvest is or isn’t? God determines the time of the harvest. This summer has been hectic, as we are continuing to lay a stronger foundation/platform for being here. Many times we can be frustrated at the fact that all we do is “cultivate ground”, “plant seeds”, “pull weeds”, “water sprouts” only in the end to see that the time of harvest is still yet to come… no fruit. It’s coming though. It’s a promise. God’s promise.

May we all continue to trust the father / praying in faith for results. A time is coming when we will see the true worshippers…no matter which mountain/people group/hemisphere they are from…worshipping the father in spirit and in truth. A harvest is coming. In the heat of summer, its hard to believe. But it will.

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