My Wife. My Friend. My Example.

Ok, I have decided it is time. (Kevin writing here ) Time to write again. But not just write, but rather encourage and brag about my wife. Kristin There is no special reason, it is not her birthday, not our anniversary, –just because. She is amazing. I want to encourage her and bless her. Without her help, strength and love, this family would cease to exist. Inspiration came from navigating through recent photos and seeing the beautiful giving person that of my best friend, Kristin scattered throughout my Pictures folder. I decided, that all these photos need be in one place—they tell a story. A story of sacrifice and giveness. Yes I just created a word.

So here goes…this is a photo post with the specific intent of honoring my wife.

The teacher. teacher
> I am amazed at the time and passion my wife puts into teaching the children. She delights in giving them ‘hands on’ opportunities that to most people would appear impossible in our situation. If living in the states, it would seem so easy to go into the garden and teach the kids about growing—but here in Eastern lands, we begin in the market, buy the soil—yep buying dirt, then seeds, then working magic in the bathroom shower in order to keep the house clean. Ingenuity.

The mother. mother
> Kristin spends much more time with the kids then I ever could. She is always finding time to be a mother to them. Hugs and kisses—even in the most stressful times. She is showing love even when none is returned. More than that, she finds time for other kids as well. Many times watching Caleb, one of Kian’s good friends.

The server. server
> No matter what time of day or night, Kristin is there serving. Whether it is serving watermelon to our ‘drop-in’ friends or making a full-fledged meal for the family, she does it as 2nd nature.

The cook. cook
> Recently, over the Easter season, Kristin attempted, might I add successfully, to make these awesome deviled eggs. It had been years since we have had these so it was a very welcome treat. But whether it is a simple loaf of bread or a turkey meal with all the trimmings, no one leaves hungry.

The traveler. travler
> In recent years it has been very difficult to get out and about with young children and no personal vehicle. However, Kristin has been able to adapt to this kind of life more than one would ever expect. Whether its bus, taxi, walk or subway, she moves with the flow. A trooper!

The BEST friend.
> Most of all I am ever impressed at the friends she is able to make. One of her best Chinese friends is a neighbor that lives in our same building. We have mentioned her in a recent newsletter. The photo above says so much…them both carrying/pushing bikes/scooters is exactly how this relationship began. Through the kids. Children provide wonderful opportunities and open doors in reaching out. This is a random evening just going out for a walk. Chatting about life and building relationship. This is how it is done. May we all learn from my wife’s’ example. This relationship has blossomed over the last year allowing for deeper and deeper conversation. May the HS continue to work.

But may I quickly remind you that we both are very REAL people–not superhumans.
Recently, in the midst of life, stress levels began rising to levels that both of us were uncomfortable with. To deal with this, we took off an afternoon and evening. Canceled everything from the schedule and had a family outing. No real purpose other than to spend time together. After dinner I forced the kids to pose for a shot–below was the best I got.
night outing

May you have a wonderful day. Be Encouraged!
~kevin for eac.

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27 Responses to My Wife. My Friend. My Example.

  1. Mani says:

    Hey Kevin!

    Man love your guy’s heart! Miss you guys very very much!


  2. Ken and Faye Stoner says:

    Wonderful pictures! What a neat story and life ! Keep it up! Glad you could have that afternoon and evening together! Ken and Faye

  3. Pablo Kauffman says:

    You made my wife cry. “That’s cool!” she said. And I echo it. Where did your wife learn all those qualities? Maybe from her mom and by being with you! Love you guys!
    Dad & Mom K

  4. Marjo Horst says:

    What a tribute! You have no idea (maybe you do) what this does for a woman…a wife. I loved reading it, loved seeing your heart, your love, your commitment, your appreciation. Love the fact that you not only thought about her in these ways but that you took the time to put it into words and pics. Love you FIVE!

  5. Janelle says:

    Your wife DOES rock! I told Ben the other night after our skyping that I “forgot” how much I miss you guys, and specifically your wife. There’s just no replacing you guys friend-wise. I would love to be more like your lady. :)
    (And may I just also add to her many attributes how pretty she is! These pictures are great! The midst of motherhood is treating her well. :) )

  6. Deb Haney says:

    Kevin, this really blessed me to see how you both are growing and loving in the Lord. Blessings to both of you! What a great testimony.

  7. Sue Helmick says:

    Kevin, thanks for posting this. Kristin, you are doing an amazing job. You really are a beautiful and giving person. We love you guys.

  8. Ken Horst says:

    You are doing some things right. I respect and appreciate the way of showing love and honor to Kristin. May you be blessed as well as you have honored her. Uncle Ken

  9. Rebeca says:

    Absolutely beautiful…your wife, your tribute, your family, and your committment to honoring the Creator!

  10. Teresa says:

    This is so awesome!! What a wonderful tribute. In this life we take things for granted and sometimes forget to tell the ones we love most, how much we truly love and appreciate them. Kristin is amazing and beautiful. Keep the faith!! Love and Miss you guys!!

  11. Angie Breneman says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and stories! You both inspire m

  12. Steve Shank says:

    WOW what a tribute. You are correct, but I want to extend it..I think you BOTH rock!!!

  13. Kevin, what a beautiful way of honoring your beautiful wife. Kristin, you are beautiful inside and out. Love you guys!!!

  14. Lynn Adams says:

    Thanks to both of you for being such awesome examples! I love your hearts for the Father, each other, and the Chinese. I am truly blessed to know you. Hugs to both of you!!

  15. Bob says:

    Beautiful comments and pics, Kevin! God bless!

  16. Randy Ark says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your life’s partner, Kevin. I am sure she is the glue that holds everything together in your family. Everything that I read reminded me of Sharon and then of how blessed we both are to have such partners in our lives. He knew who we needed to accomplish what He had prepared for us. That has become more evident as time passes. Thank-you for this deserving tribute and may He continue to fill your lives with blessings and favor. Much love to you both!

  17. Thad Rahrig says:

    May you continue to be blessed as you have blessed me. Thad

  18. Ben Ganson says:

    Very cool… I love this post. Reminds me of how awesome my wife is too and how much I don’t say it enough. Thanks for the reminder, Kevin. You guys are an awesome example to many… even half way around the world :)

  19. Gloria Hoover says:

    Beautiful! I miss her and she IS amazing!

  20. Carla Byler says:

    What a special post!! Keep up the great work, Kristin!! Way to support, encourage, and bless her, Kevin. It is such a team effort and knowing your husband notices the work and supports you is such a boost. This is such a busy and yet fun time as our little ones blossom and bring forth fruit!!

  21. Linda Fry says:

    Great pictures, the best thing I can say to both of you, is enjoy your children, they grow up fast. You are doing a great job with your kids. Blessings


  22. Coryna Bucher says:

    Kristin, you are definitely a Prov 31 woman! Gd is working in your life and I praise Him for it. Kevin, thanks for “praising her in the gates.” Your wife deserves this honor.

  23. Sharon Rice says:

    Love it! Love both you guys. You have been and always will be special to me!

  24. mrsp says:

    you two are so special!! both blessed with each other!!! miss you. I enjoy the pictures and updates. in his service,

  25. Dawn Neff says:

    Wow, Kevin that is really encouraging to me, to better honor my husband.
    Keep up the good work, cause “if mama ain’t happy no one is happy.”
    Sounds like you guys are doing alright!
    Take care, thanks for sharing your wife with us!
    Love you all,

  26. Jewel Showalter says:

    I saw this beautiful tribute when I finally got on line again after some time off in the Ethiopian hinterlands where we’re helping with a training school. Today in a history teaching I told stories about people like you from years past — and am so grateful the “train” continues!

  27. LOVED this! Way to go, Kristin, for being who you are – and way to go Kevin, for rejoicing in and broadcasting it! Hugs to you all. : )

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