Hi, friends! This is from Kristin. Signing on to add a few recent thoughts. We have lots of material that we could be and would love to share on here, but don’t. I haven’t written a newsletter in about three months. The spring edition will be coming out soon with recent happenings and new pictures, so look for it!

In the past several weeks I’ve been enchanted once again by the story of Esther. Enchantment IS the right word. I love that story! A simple person in a position “for such a time as this” saves a whole people group. I did a little bit of research and read that Esther may not have been in the palace of Xerxes for long. 2, 3 years? Maybe a little longer. Did she die? Fall from favor? We don’t know and it isn’t important. With some friends we’ve been looking at Jn the bptist and how he completed what we was asked to do by his late 30′s. For him when his Cousin came around he knew it was time to move on; “he must increase, i must decrease”.

Two thoughts: First, i’ve been asking for an esther generation to be raised up. Not just one person, but a group of people with an attitude of humility and sacrifice to do what it takes for their people (ethnically or adopted) to know Truth. The second part is asking for those in influential positions now to have the humility to see the future and adapt even if it means moving out of the spotlight. The “Peter before” book (a directly translation from Chinese), unit three, section 8 and 9, sets a standard for how we are to treat others (live in harmony, by sympathetic, love, be compassionate and humble, don’t be nasty if treated nastily, bless if you want a blessing; my version). SO MUCH easier said than done.

To another rabbit trail…
These are two of my favorite pics from Thailand.
Kai Mr. Bean
I love the Mr. Bean pose!

Sunglass kids
Sunglasses and ice cream! A perfect combination.


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