We have been doing some crazy things lately. In Thailand recently for some sun (of the utmost necessity) and now we are getting back to the real schedule since Chinese new Year is finally winding down. I begin teaching very soon.

But for now, I simply want to brag on my wife. She is amazing! On our way back from Thailand she and the 3 children continued on to Xi’an (home) leaving me in Shanghai where I flew to another province to meet some teachers that are working in another city. I spent 3+ days there encouraging them an sharing in their work. So my wife has been single parenting it for the last several days. For that–she is awesome! … among other things as well.

In ADDITION, I was going through some of our recent photos and realized that Kristin took a photo of Malia that I think may be one of THEE best photos on my computer to date. For one simple reason. Clarity. It is an amazingly clear photo of Malia holding one of her new Thailand toys. (which she DID NOT bring home)

I present to you: FROG.

Here is the frog at 100% crop.

Now to try this with the kids. :)

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