Humid South East Asia

Yes, we are in Bangkok.  For a couple of days.  You may think it would be sunny here, but at the moment it is not.  That is ok, since it is humid out to wahzoo.   We went to the hospital today and were reminded of how blessed we are to ba able to walk into a major international hospital and simply registar, then get check-ups and shots for all the kids in a couple of hours.  Oh, an play in the waiting area playground and be treated to ice cream at the MCDS right outside the door.  All for a couple hundred bucks.   In the mall the other day  we encountered our first encounter of a iPad wall.  What could be more fun than  an iPad wall? ?  ? well…. Coldstone for one!


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  1. Amos says:

    Enjoy. And give the rest of the family our greetings at your gathering–especially the Indonesians! Watch out for the big dude from PA whose last name is Shank!

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