They all fled…

Hah, it was interesting today at the bank.   I have found that many times it pays (pun intended) to go to the bank early. When they open.  However, today still found my self WAITING in line yet again.  Now it was not too bad since there were only  about

5 or 6 people ahead of me, but soon they all disappeared.  Let me explain.

You see all of them had cars that they parked in front of the bank.   Parked illegally.  However, I never knew there were parking rules, but apparently…   So as I was waiting one of the attendants in the bank announced to everyone in the bank that “the Tow truck is here!”  Which it was. Immediately everyone in front of me (5 to 6 men) ran out of the bank to move their cars before they got towed.   The last shall be first.  I was now first in line.  It pays to not have a vehicle.


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