Christmas is over

Christmas is over.
Well, almost over. One more party. Tomorrow night we have 30-35 teachers (including significant others) from our language school here for a Latin Christmas party. Sort of. No dancing. No alcohol. Maybe I should say a redeemed version of a Latin Christmas party. We are co-hosting with our Honduran friends and they will be the ones putting their expertize to work in making arroz con pollo and a few other mouth watering delicacies. Yummm! I, for one, am excited!

Christmas Eve we made turkey dinner for friends we haven’t seen in awhile. It was nice to reconnect. We have a growing vision for this group of friends. It seems improbable at the moment, but what if…? It would have to be The unseen power putting it all together, but it could be revolutionary. Would you think about this with us if it’s brought to your mind? (Vague, I know. Sorry.)

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Kevin was the pastry chef this Christmas. The pictures above do not lie. Most of the cookie stash this year were made by him.

Kevin, when not busy baking, finished up finals this week with his students. Last night he looked at the overall average for the class and said, “It’s too high.” Ah, the joys of being a teacher and changing grades at will. No need to fail anyone this semester. That is good!

More to come later on our Latin Party for our language teachers.


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