Malia turned four

It’s been a long time coming. Forever when you’re three and a half, but finally Malia turned 4. She’s been wanting a scooter forever, too. Did you know that it isn’t actually you’re birthday until you blow out candles on a cake? I didn’t realize this, but Malia and her little friends during the party kept asking when was the birthday. I was puzzled, but found out it’s common knowledge among three and four year olds that you must have a cake and blow out candles before turning the next year older. Hmmm…no more candles for me, I guess! :)

Since we’d been sick our party was scaled down to a perfect trio of little girlfriends all dressed like princesses. We did a horrible job at picture taking that night. Kev was absent and I just forgot. The other pictures are from during the day of her birthday opening presents from friends in the US.

Malia, you have stolen our hearts. You’re silly ways and laughter give us joy every day. You’re growing up beautifully and we love you totally and completely. Dad and Mom.

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