Kai’s NFL teams

If you received our newsletter in the past 24 hours I promised we’d post the answers to Kai’s newly renamed NFL teams. I think that we should approach the NFL about some of these names; they’re pretty good! (If you are not on our newsletter list and would like to be, please email us.)

Daniel Lions – Detriot Lions
Face Men – New England Patriots
KFC fishies – Kansas City Chiefs (their logo looks like a fish, right?)
Green Packies – Green Bay Packers
Orange Hats – Cleveland Browns
Pirate Flags – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Big Black Birds – Baltimore Ravens

He knows the difference between college and pro. Day before yesterday Kai told me he liked the big yellow M’s which I promptly told him as not OK. And if he told any of his uncles or Ohio friends they’d be sad. I tried not to influence him too much, but basically let him know there is no options. Go Buckeyes!!

He wants me to tell you he likes the Jaguars and the Vikings and the Bengals…”actually, I like all of them and some college teams, too.”

He’s his Daddy’s son, Buelo’s grandson, uncles nephew, etc.

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  1. Diane Rode says:

    Go Bucks!!

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