I woke up this morning with the sun. Thought about what it was like for the women going to the tomb. Over 2000 years ago they were in the “depths of despair”. This morning I was ecstatic reading the passages and realizing that was the biggest event in human history and they were the ones to discover it. Amazing!

The hope of the resurrection: we live in that hope; hope keeps us going. We know lots of you are facing struggles in life. Breast cancer, other sorts of cancer, ear surgeries, heart problems, liver failure, death, lost pregnancies, marriage problems, divorce, breakdown of kid/parent relationships, etc. Why do we face overwhelming circumstances? I wish we could give all of us facing these challenges a big hug, a teary “I’m sorry”. I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be fine. I wish I could say that Dad is going to immediately heal everything, take away the pain, and restore the joy. I wish that everything would be immediate. I wish we didn’t have to wait for eternity. I wish I could fix everything, but I can’t. So, I cling to hope and press in and I hope you can too. Press into the struggle and heartache and loss; there’s something life-changing that comes from surrender.

I’m so thankful for the glimpses of the “already but not yet” kingdom. Seeing the HS work in our lives. Restoration of relationships, new babies, dreams and revelations, friendship, baby steps toward dad, seeing our kids learn about their forever friend and maker, emotional and physical healing, etc. Living in the hope of eternity…and living so others can experience the hope of eternity.

Love and blessings of hope,

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