Celebrating Christmas

Our friends from Ohio wanted to send us a few things for Christmas. I gave a few suggestions (always too many, I’m afraid) and about a month later we received our Christmas not from the North Pole, but from Ohio. Add a little effort, cheer, hope, joy and it’s been just about the best Christmas yet, but I say that every year. The boxes were full of things that we could give to others or useful for celebrating as a family. For example, hot chocolate mix and Christmas cards for our teachers, baking supplies, cookie and muffin mixes, candles, games, paper plates with Christmas-y theme, Christmas movie, little toys, books, puzzles, a scrapbook from our friends, Christmas pjs for the kids, and more. So practical!! So fun! We enjoy using holidays to make new traditions. Blending our lives and our families’ history, we come up with something that is unique to us.

To brag on the hubby, he did most of the cookie baking this year. It’s pretty easy when all you have to add is eggs and milk. :)

Christmas Eve evening as a family we finished up our jesse tree promises. Then the kids got to open stockings; i.e., a pair of Kevin’s old socks. I think if they’d only gotten those things as presents they’d been happy. The pjs were a big hit and Malia has wanted to wear her “wistmas pjs” every night since!

Christmas morning another family whose daughter also goes to Kai’s preschool came to eat brunch; I’m really liking this brunch on Christmas morning thing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics. Sorry, Matt and Heather. Just believe us that it was fun!

The 26th was our party. We made a big meal for our closest Chinese friends. When I think of what a Christmas party should be this was just about it! Lots of food :) , fun, a nasty game of Settlers, cards, and everyone leaving early enough to put the kids to bed. Haha! :)

Here are some of the pics of the party we posted on Facebook.

In other Bucher news:
Kian turned 8 months 3 weeks ago. He’s crawling, teething (working on #s 2 & 3), and still a very happy baby. He eats anything from the baby food grinder. Little pieces of bread, cereal, fruit, anything and is drinking well from a sippy cup (with a little bit of help).

Now we’re waiting to bring in the New Year! Probably do it in our sleep. Yup, we’re that old!

Blessings and love in 2010!

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6 Responses to Celebrating Christmas

  1. Thanks, We did enjoy the pictures. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year.

    Shalom, Norman for Jean too

  2. Cuz Jana says:

    Kris, what fun!! Thanks for all the pictures! Your kiddies are so cute! I thought about you this Christmas..wondering how it was/ But it sure looks like you had a great time! Mine was so busy with the Christmas musical I co-directed and how it was postponed for a week because of snow!! He is sooo good though and He worked it all out ,just not in our timing. I still want to send you our Christmas pic and letter .I need to edit it a little :) Lotsa love hugs and kisses to everyone!Way to go Kev makin the cookies!! The boys each mixed up the batter here then I went to Randy’s moms and made them the next day!The boys loved eating them!!! Jansen especially liked the pic of Kai!! Love Jana for the Martin’S

  3. Thad Rahrig says:

    Kevin and Kristin, I think of you daily and I enjoy the updates and pics of you and yes, the children. Youngest son was married this past June, middle son is now engaged and my daughter and youngest son bought houses and yes I did get to do the home inspections. Make it a great year in 2010. Thad and Della

  4. Carissa Dalton says:

    I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas! Can’t believe how big Kian is! We love & miss you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  5. kevin b says:

    Thanks soo much for commenting Thad. Be blessed as well. Wow, it is has been a long time since we have seen you and your family. Have a Blessed 2010! kevin

  6. Connie Sanders says:

    it’s good to hear from you. The kids sure are getting big! happy New Year . May it be a great year for all of you!
    Mark & Connie

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