our snow, dog show and getting ready for new baby

Well, we know that it is not much, but it is what we were blessed with the other day.  Snow.  About 1.5″.  Lasted for at least the morning and by afternoon it was gone completely.   See photos below.

The other Saturday I took the children to a “dog show”.  Not really a show–but rather a chance to show our your expensive dog.   Some of these dogs they tell me, were in the $7500 price range.   Frankly, I would rather have a car that doesn’t poop in my yard.  But that is just me.

Oh, there are a couple of photos at the end where the children are getting ready for the new baby.

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One Response to our snow, dog show and getting ready for new baby

  1. Kendra says:

    pics of the kids holding the swaddled stuffed animals is adorable!

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