one reason for coke’s success

So why is CocoCola (Coke) successful all over the world? Good question. There are many reasons and many answers I am sure. Today in class I learned the literal translation of the “CocoCola” name brand and I have developed a theory. I know everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat….relax, its not that revolutionary.

To say Coke in Chinese it is something like this:

可(kě) 口(kǒu) 可(kě) 乐(lè)

If you literally translate this it comes out something like this: “worthy – tasteful – makes—happy ” In other words … It is Worth your time to Taste this stuff and it will Make you Happy. Not too bad of a meaning if you are trying to sell to billions of people. The fact that the name in English sounds very similar to the name in Chinese and this meaning gives Coke the upper hand in (in my opinion) as to the its success here in the biggest country in the world.

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