Pin yin and Microsoft

Wow, I am so happy I am blogging about this. I just spent about 4 hours researching and solving a problem. Here’s some quick background… When using Windows Vista and Microsoft Office (Word) 2007 you are able to type pinyin and then select characters. this works flawlessly. However, the phonetic guide for Word 2007 needs to have a 82mb patch installed if you want to include the pin Yin above the characters. I found this out after hours to surfing. once again, thanks Bill. So if your interested here is a solution: Check out Pinyin Joe. He directs you to the exact site where you can download the patch. Here is that link directly. But it is good to read his directions first. Now the patch site is a Microsoft site in Chinese, so you need to be a bit web savvy to navigate it–but it really is not that hard. To all who need this–your welcome! – Kevin

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  1. Jerry Ford says:

    Kevin, once again I find myself postured in humble thankfulness to you for solving one of life’s most irritating problems. Let me be the first to say (and I know there will be a multitude) how grateful I am for no longer having to waste my precious time searching for answers to making MY pin yin work.

    Now that this menace has been lifted from my life, what will I do with all of my spare time?

    OK, sarcasm aside, I really am happy that you got your whatever-it-is computer doohickey to work; I can only imagine how pleased you are.

    Your friend, Jerry

  2. kevin b says:

    Oh, Jerry, I forgot to tell you that you are the PERSON that left the 100th comment on my site. I am thinking of a prize, but nothing is coming to mind. Congratulations, anyway… maybe I could offer you my troubleshooting and problem solving services free for 5minutes? Seems fair? (maybe something like this….”Ok, make sure your computer is completely turned off and unplug all devices. then power up your computer. wait for 3 minutes. Ok is your computer booted to windows? Ok, go to Start. then in the search box type ‘reforma….. sorry your time is up. click.”

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