mr bill setting the standard

Is this fair? . . . it does make things easier. But it appears to be a monopoly. Convenient though.
Microsoft setting the standard. kevin

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2 Responses to mr bill setting the standard

  1. slada says:

    I would say it is not fair…It becomes less of an issue if they make it an open standard so that what you create in OpenOffice, for example, will open seamlessly with no formatting issues in Word and any other application that adheres to the standard.

  2. kevin b says:

    Yes, Mr Slada. That would be cool, would it not? I have not used open office all that much–simply cause i do not need to. It seems like in the future if Microsoft wants to remain competitive they will need to significantly lower the price or continue to convince people such as I that their product as value worth the extra cost.

    how is it going by the way??? We need to get together and hang out–been really busy lately–i wonder why.

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