Guanxi vs. Schmoozing

This a very interesting article for those facisnated with business in asia (china) and how the west adapts to cultural practices. guangxi vs. smoozing is report on how relationships and connections have evolved in the Chinese business world.
– Kevin

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2 Responses to Guanxi vs. Schmoozing

  1. shanford says:

    Wow, nice article. A very interesting peek into the culture. Thanks, Kevin!

  2. John Helmick says:

    Kev…this is mostly what my business has been built on…relationships. God gives us the connections, we further connection into business and business/personal relationships. Many GREAT books on this…of course, John Maxwell’s books on being a People Person (2 or 3 of them) and a GREAT book by Bob Burg – “Endless Referrals” is based on this we give to people and we will reap what we we keep giving, connections will happen. From my limited understanding of the East – and what this article is seeminly saying is that we will need to pray for connections for you guys!

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